2 de enero se inicia la veda del camarón de río


El Ministerio de la Producción a través de una nota de prensa que desde mañana, 2 de enero del 2020, hasta el 31 de marzo del 2020, la pesca del camarón de río queda restringida a nivel nacional. Quedando prohibida la extracción, procesamiento, transporte, comercialización y utilización del producto hidrobiológico.

Igualmente, las dependencias con competencia pesquera de los gobiernos regionales, los Ministerios de Defensa y del Interior, y las Municipalidades, dentro del ámbito de sus respectivas competencias.

Las personas que infrinjan la mencionada norma serán sujetas a las sanciones administrativas y penales a que hubiere lugar.

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  2. Do1Thing chronicle Live

    Massive queues as Newcastle’s tips finally reopen but some people caught ignoring rulesNewcastle City CouncilThe city’s three household waste recycling centres opened on Monday morning and council bosses have already issued a warning to residents flouting restrictions at the sitesGateshead’s tips to re open on Monday but when you can go depends on your registration plateGatesheadOnly waste that poses a risk of injury, Health or harm can be taken to the family unit waste and recycling centres, Gateshead Council saidRadical changes to busy Newcastle roads to be revealed after Boris Johnson’s lockdown announcementNewcastle upon TyneNewcastle City Council confirmed last month that it was keen to impose new measures to create extra room for bikes and people on some busy streets during the coronavirus crisisThe renewable scheme using the River Tyne to cut half a million pounds off Jarrow energy billsJarrowHeat from the river would be used to warm homes and schools, losing carbon and saving moneyNewcastle tips: Reopening date and social distancing ideas at Byker, Brunswick and WalbottleNewcastle City CouncilThe household waste lets recycle centres at Byker, Brunswick, And Walbottle will open on wednesday, But council bosses have now revealed a series of stringent measures to prevent overcrowdingNorth Shields tip will reopen for ‘limited’ use but you simply must book an appointmentNorth Tyneside CouncilCouncil bosses have revealed that the Wallsend Road household waste recycling centre will be back in use from next Monday, The same day as Newcastle’s three tips also reopenHow lockdown is helping us the explanation for natural wonders that are right under our nosesEnvironmentSince the lockdown, a lot more reported more sightings of wildlife in their local area. Northumberland Wildlife Trust explains the impact staying at home will have on wildlifeReopening date confirmed for Newcastle’s three tips after weeks of closures during Covid 19 lockdownNewcastle City CouncilCouncil bosses have agreed when to reopen family members waste recycling centres at Brunswick, Byker, but Walbottle, But have not said what social distancing measures will be in forceNorthumberland’s tips eastern european brides reopen next week what about the rest of the North East’s recycling centres?CoronavirusAll 12 household waste trying to recycle centres in Northumberland will be open from Monday, But councils in other parts of the region are yet to announce when theirs will be back in useEnjoy Dawn Chorus Day in a virtual visit to this Northumberland wildlife expert’s gardenStay InIt’s International Dawn Chorus Day this weekend and here’s how you can share in the company of a wildlife guideWhy the North East’s tips are staying shut as others reopen in coronavirus lockdownCoronavirusHousehold waste recycling centres (HWRCs) nationwide were forced into closure when lockdown began in March, But some are re opening amid complaints of a spike in fly tippingHow a month of lockdown has impacted Newcastle’s air pollution as traffic levels are cut in halfEnvironmentLevels of nitrogen dioxide across the city have fallen noticeably, With health specialists saying «Hard alternatives» Are needed to ensure emissions do not rocket back up once lockdown is liftedPlea for Newcastle residents to stop burning rubbish as bonfire reports jump 238% during lockdownCoronavirusThe city’s three tips remain closed key coronavirus crisis, Leading more people to resort to burning the rubbish they have piling up at homeNewcastle’s busiest roads could be set for safety changes during coronavirus lockdownTraffic TravelCouncil bosses have confirmed that they are thinking about temporary changes to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists, Helping people maintain social distancing while exercisingDurham Church chiefs in row with council over fears ‘reflective roof’ on new HQ could spoil views of Cathedral County DurhamPlans for solar cells on new Durham County Council secret headquarters have been slammed by the parish council who say the reflected light would «Detract within the view» within the cathedral and castle.

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